5 Ways to Help the Bride Relax

5 Ways to Help the Bride Relax
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It’s the early hours before the wedding and you happen to be lucky enough to snag a front row seat to three hours of pure frenzy. As the bridesmaids are busy clamoring for their preferred highlighter and lip colour, the bride will most likely put on a sunny exterior and feign the look of a calm and collected woman, while forcing back the urge to flutter about like a hyperactive bird.

Whether your bride is the type to pace, drink, or literally dart from room to room, activity to activity, here are the best ways to keep her preoccupied and relaxed during the build-up to the big event.

1. Create the right atmosphere

Before you can get into your matching robes and sashes, make sure you’re creating the right atmosphere for day ahead. One of the best ways to control the chaos and mayhem is to conjure up a playlist with your combined favourites. Make sure to include the bride’s favourite feel good tunes, and maybe a few for a pre-wedding karaoke of your own. Nothing soothes the nerves and lightens the day like an enthusiastically belted out chorus!

While you’re hitting the notes – regardless of whether they’re right or not – light up some incense or candles with the bride’s preferred scent. Appealing to the senses will definitely help create a stress-free environment and improve the coming event.

2. Hydrate and eat

Never underestimate the importance of keeping hydrated and well-fed. The most crucial meal of the day is made progressively more vital when facing the pressure of a long wedding day. Not only is there a minefield of financial and familial issues threatening to trigger the bride-to-be, but the possibility of enduring the mental and physical challenge while famished and faint is something no one dare imagine.

In order to keep your bride in good health, make sure you encourage her to eat and drink; or otherwise delegate the task to the maid of honour or a relative. It’s probably a good idea to get the maid of honour or bridesmaids to deliver snacks and water to the bride every so often. And depending on the bride, tea and champagne may also come in use – though hydration will play a big part regardless.

The time of swooning brides is long gone!

3. Exercise

Although it seems like an unnecessary strain on a busy day, exercise can help relieve the tension and get those necessary endorphins going. Cardio, especially, is bound to shake you out of a frazzled state and pumped for the day. The best cure for an anxious and weary bride is a jog around the block. Or, if no one is in the mind to leave the building, simply lay out some mats and invite the ladies to join you for a quick yoga or pilates session.

Feeling fit and energized means a happy bride, and after all, a happy bride makes a happy wedding!


4. Take a time-out

It might simply be silence and introspection that your bride requires; either in the form of a time-out and contemplation, or a guided meditation. If she looks like she’s drifting off into her own world, let her have it – there’s a lot to think about! However, try not to let her wander into a negative mind space. If she seems to be melancholic, console her and talk it out. A good pseudo-therapy slash girl talk will definitely allow her to relieve some mental tension.

Otherwise, you can put on some soothing tunes on youtube and sit there in silence as you’re transported somewhere far from the high-stress scuttle of the wedding. The breathing exercises will calm the heartrate and rejuvenate, while the sensual imagery soothes the mind.

Alternatively, there is the option of taking a power nap – specific to the fatigued bride who has been losing sleep and peace of mind over the event. Nothing beats a good power nap.


5. Spa trip

Pampering the bride with a last-minute massage is a great way to keep her relaxed, and also make her feel special. You can arrange an appointment beforehand or propose a quick trip to the spa for a much-needed emergency hot stone massage. It’ll relieve muscle tension and get a load off! But make sure you ask the massage therapist to keep it gentle; you don’t want the girls cramping at the reception.

Facials and aromatherapy are added bonuses – if the bride requires them. Again, anything on the harsh end, such as a scrub, is probably not the best idea.

A spa trip will be the perfect way to spoil her, relax her, and prepare her for both the day and night to come.

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